Store Opening! August 13 2014

Live, love and Hoard goes LIVE!!!

Are you as excited as we are on the store's opening?


Here's a short blogpost for our customers to get a better idea of what products we will be carrying. 


For our first launch, we will be launching a total of 50 different types of mt Limited Edition tapes. YES, 50!!! These tapes were from different expos held by Japan's mt store at various locations around the world, Japan, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Korea and so on. 


These tapes are so exclusive because they are only manufactured specially for these events and aren't reprinted. So if you like a particular design, don't linger too long as our stocks are really limited too! The owner of this store is a hoarder herself, so you know what happens when stock comes in? A set of everything immediately goes into her private stash. Hehehe.


For future launches, we will be getting some other new limited edition tapes, some stationery like Decorush and some limited edition Decorno! Decorno is a roller stamp that is pre-inked and it comes in many cute designs. The limited ones are special because they have more than 1 color on each stamp! How fun!


I'll leave you to shop now. Remember, all orders above $80 gets a complimentary upgrade from normal mail to Registered mail!